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Aion Troubadour professional skill explanation

[Aug 12 2015 GMT]

Troubadour - Atreia entertainer. Beautiful Aion second new professional Troubadour! Like music love singing Troubadour, el god unreserved support. But after the great crash when el disappeared or hidden voice or scattered throughout the Atreia become homeless. Stay in the temple's Troubadour that reaches a certain level in the music and oda forces would come out to strong music after took part in the battle.

To combat the Troubadour has weakened the enemy in battle, strengthen our power. To reverse the situation Troubadour finally by the guardian and the strength of the temple the knights certification after officially became a profession. Wild type PVP Troubadour, have more and stronger attack skills, can suck blood is blue, and control skills more, suitable for flow play kites, instant small group accused of beaten to the run way.

Troubadour is a can, can also add, can also help to career, strength, from the law that every place learned a little, to learn and master of none, but he is not the kind of its own learning ability is very strong, for said before this career will not become a daughter, this will see players how to play. I would like to share you a amazing place to buy Aion Gold, because it's cheap, fast and safe!