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Aion Sorcerer professional explanation

[Apr 14 2016 GMT]

In AION, Sorcerer is the ability to have before the enemy close to kill each other, in a short period of time strong damage of typical strong professional output type. Although their physical strength and toughness is the weakest of all classes, but they have many skills and a fatal blow of hypnosis destructive power enough to overcome their weaknesses. Even if only a little bit of energy, they may also have staged a fightback.

Sorcerer players need to what kind of quality? Sorcerer the most needed quality, is to overcome its own fragile defense force, the ability to use appropriate skills at the right time. The more to later, Sorcerer will be more and more in the face of the use of a skills about its own survival. Therefore grasps the characteristics of the monster, using the appropriate skills, is must have the existence of rapid upgrade and ensure quality.

In addition, the spirit is the source of the Sorcerer of damage, so we must continuously when hunting with spirit of skill or potion to restore spirit. Recommend to such games style of player. If you would rather give up many things, hope to be able to enjoy with a powerful blow to realize reversal of pleasant sensation, the Sorcerer can meet your requirements.

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