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Aion Elyos game map is introduced

[Apr 29 2016 GMT]

Capital, formerly known as chun Elysium, for bliss Elysium, however in this if nirvana and the Elysium also very strange, so control the capital ma ghost house, named in the translated into "heaven". Nirvana is the celestial capital, as well as the economic, cultural and political center of chun, so many things needs to be done in this approach and, of course, in the economic exchange and trading between Aion player, here also is the important collection and distribution center.

Each player in the early goal, is seeking to become the guardian of truth, and this is the highest spiritual guidance center of chun, each Aion player after completing quests, can be in this into a true guardian, become the guardian angel of heaven, fight for heaven. The other side also the Aion players learning skills.

One thousand people square is located in the center of the square of NPC. Here you can find some items sold hall of fame here is the production center in the capital, all forging, tailor, refining, cooking utensils, centrally! Guardian temple is the mentor gathering place here, is also home to the capital, top commander members, approached in the important place.

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