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Admonition Advance The Game of Maplestory M

[Apr 26 2019 GMT]

Was inquired to achieve a assay of gmsm to admonition beforehand the game. This cavalcade will be forwarded to devs so, what im allure from you guys is a anniversary of things you ambition to see included in the article. Maybe some added blow ideas, customization, farming, etc. I access a few anniversary i would like nexon to assay but Maplestory M Mesos, i ambition to apprehend from you guys as well. What would you like to see melancholia avant-garde from this update, nexon improve, add, abate or fix?

More alliance activities. Still in atheism that our alliance comes calm to shoot cannons for 30secs and that's it. Would be nice to achieve something affiliated to the attainable PVP but for the able guild. Or abolishment — sucks to access all of alliance arise calm for a adventurous that lasts below than a minute.

More things to do aloft the dailies and starforce. For those who access added time to admeasure to the game, there should be the adeptness to. With the attainable patch, chiral play would be abounding below advantageous than autoing (I access why) but there's gotta be things to do in adventurous besides the dailies, starforce, and annual of alliance time. It's about as if bodies are on artlessly to do dailies again log off.

Damage counter. There's the blow calculator advancing up for expeditions but there should be a blow adverse in general. It'd admonition to be able to assay variations of skills, equipments, buffs, etc and get solid abstracts on them. This wouldn't be abounding adapted from the adverse in monster carnival, aloof dungeon, etc.

Please fix the auto accompany for parties. If parties abatement to 1-4, there should be some way for different parties of few players to automatically merge. It's absent-minded to see it be hot time & there's 10 parties with 1 accepting each. Or any time.

Please accustom if we're kicked. And charm stop auto for us. Just like auto is brimming if we die or run out.

God there needs to be added clothes & banknote items. I access royal. But why not aloof set accoutrement + a abnormality of clothes. There's gotta be a way to access anybody access styles they ambition & get the set aftereffect (obviously with added cash). I abject an accountability cape, able shirt, pantless pants added aloof set effect. The absorption should be afflicted but the account should be the same.