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About the Aion deep battlefield system

[Feb 04 2016 GMT]

What is the Abyss? Deep between the heaven and the underworld, and is unstable in the AION world space, collapse of the Aion is strong to tear the dimensional space, the dimensional sucked into a large amount of the Aion collapsed fragments, yuan floating in this special time, in countless small empty island, two communities monty Aion player will be in these special space flight and combat, occupy the resources, some rare items, materials, even the deep some items with the unique title, must be in this way can only be obtained.

Abyss of dragon in the, two communities are subject to raid monty, let the war reverse instant results. Abyss of rich reward, but also must fight, because many things are need to use a kind of AP points to purchase, purchase items related to activate the battlefield, the resurrection stone; Siege weapons. Flight to strengthen props;Consumable/supplies.

Fortress goods production (production behavior after occupied the fort) : production strengthen fortress gates props; Props production to strengthen the defense force field; In the production of battle special props; In the production of special siege damage props.

Fort upgrade to strengthen: through mechanical repair the gates; Hunting through strengthening the gates; Through hunting to strengthen defense force field.

Tactical/spy: cracks through time and space for defensive attack. Through the kill the enemy NPCS to weaken enemy fortress defense capabilities. Through by devices such as scattered the enemy defense force.

Can even during the NPC appear during a raid on the enemy behavior towards attack, let yourself get more combat advantage.

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