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About the AION game analysis on Vipaionkinah

[Jan 21 2016 GMT]

The AION is the first online gaming giant NCsoft invested all of South Korea South Korea domestic elite research and development of online games, carefully polished production of a new generation of fantasy mmorpgs, is a collection of NCsoft development strength of the product. The AION with lineage II hereby MMORPG completely different style. Development team tries to achieve in the game "action for players around the world to change, and then the change of the world in turn affect the player's relationship between the cycle", "the three ethnic disputes of the world", and "is different from science fiction and fantasy style of the original world"

The AION is the perfect MMORPG, strengthen interaction contains (heaven, ma and dragon world) integrated structure contradiction. Players have not experienced before strategic growing on the basis of the battle, experience actively communicate with the AION world wonders. (all the behavior of the players will be the power to change the world; was changed by the power of the players of the world and will affect the new form of interaction) happen to players, players will see a way to create their own legend of the "Next Cinema" game development prospects.

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