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Aaron Donald Will Play the Fifth Year

[Apr 13 2017 GMT]

The Los Angeles Rams have implemented Aaron Donald's fifth year contract option. In 2014 the 13th round draft, he was selected by the team and his salary in 2018 will reach 6.829 million dollars, but his salary in 2017 is only 1.8 million US dollars.

The new contract should set a new market benchmark, and even let Donald became the league's most high-defensive player. 28-year-old Donald's career made a total of 28 sack, 3 times selected to professional bowl and 2 times selected to the best team.

But it was not so lucky for his teammate who was also selected in the first round draft in 2014. The disappointing player was moved to the guard position after the Rams signed veteran offensive interceptor Andrew Whitworth. Then there should be a lot of players will get the same treatment with Donald, but there are players fate is not so clear. We will wait and see.

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