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Aaron Donald Was Back to the Team

[Sep 11 2017 GMT]

Aaron Donald's strike was over. More information and madden mobile coins are on

The Los Angeles Rams defensive striker appeared Saturday afternoon at the team base, which he had missed a whole offseason. The team confirmed that Donald passed a medical examination. The ram will not impose any fine on Donald. It has been reported that Donald should have been $ 1.5 million due to absence.

Donald and Ram have not yet reached a new contract, but the team said the two sides are trying to renew the solution to find a solution. Donald is currently going into the fourth year of the five-year rookie contract with a base salary of only $ 1.8 million.

Donald will not play against the Indianapolis pony, but he has been training on the east coast and can get back to the race soon. His absence will not change the ram in the season opener in the game plan.

So Donald nearly three months of the strike this end. But the result of his strike - did not get a big contract to report to the team - probably not what Donald and his team wanted. However, the ram is the message that their most critical defensive player will sooner or later get a big contract.

Donald did not know when to return to the stadium, but the Rams defensive group will warmly welcome him to return. Donald can return sooner, then the ram defense team can get the full potential.