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Aaron Donald Is Negotiating with Los Angeles Rams

[May 23 2017 GMT]

Pro Bowl defensive player Aaron Donald missed the team's first day of volunteer training, because he was contracting with the team leader. More information is where you can buy Mobile Madden Coins.

Los Angeles Rams general manager Les Snead said the team understand that why Donald did not participate in the training camp, but the team is not worried that he will miss the new season. Last month the Rams executed Donald's fifth-year contract option to make sure he would stay in the team to 2018 and the next year the team would pay him $ 7 million. Les Snead said there was no doubt that Donald was a good player. They want him to stay here, and this is their goal. Donald's goal is to continue to become a member of the Rams.

According to the current trend, Donald is likely to become the next high-paying defensive line player. The past three seasons he did not miss any game, completed 28 times tackles and 163 times grappling.