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AION task foundation knowledge is introduced

[Mar 21 2016 GMT]

Accept the task

  And overhead have blue or yellow Arrow mark NPCS that can accept the task.

  Blue arrow: common tasks

  Yellow arrow: mission

  Want to talk to NPCS, just select the relevant NPC after double click the left mouse button or right-click.

Task identity

  According to different tasks in phase, the NPC's head of logo will be different.

  One arrow: when there is a new task Arrow 2: when there are ongoing task

  Ongoing task of the next phase of the destination information, you can click to see the game picture right below the compass.

Task window

  Open the mission/task window - click on the start menu - mission/tasks, or use the shortcut [J].

  View task content - in the mission/task window click on the task in the title, you can view the content of the task.

  Shared tasks - after the mission/task window, select the task title, click on the "acquisition share" button, can be Shared and other team members.

  Give up task - the mission/task window selected task title after click "give up" button, which can be chosen task is removed from the directory.

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