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AION skill system is introduced

[Mar 23 2016 GMT]

Professional skill is divided into ordinary eternal tower the game skills, continuous skills, stigmata skills, talents, and skills deep five major categories, the five skills each have each trigger condition, each have each specific direction and power are also different. Players can in villages or cities of various professional instructor NPCS to learn new skills. Buying skill book, "skills" can be purchased from each skill instructor after NPC for a fee. It is impossible to learn skill icon is displayed in red. Double-click the skill books in the backpack window (I) can learn skills. The skills of shown in red book only arrived at the corresponding level can be used.

Ordinary skill is refers to a character and can learn the basic skills, meet the requirement of the level of skills that can be learned. Continuous skills combos is composed by several specific skills. Combo is the first step to start skill is the same as ordinary skills are, without conditions can be used. Divine skills can also be understood as a talent, referred to as DP skills, the difference is that lies in the race, unlike day race's inferno profession has a profession of different RACES. At the same time introduce the concept of the DP value only when DP value reaches a certain amount to use, more powerful than the level of general skills, CD time is longer. DP value increase is consists of the strange.

Divine force accumulation of three stages, in accordance with the accumulation of DP value characters around there will be a glowing effect, DP skills needed in different stages of the DP value is divided into 2000, 3000, 4000, not consumption mentality, to use divine power, can use powerful attack skills or also can be used in the material transformation. Stigmata skills need figures and equipment corresponding stigmata stone can be used, each stone represents one kind of skills, choose which st mark stone players the freedom to choose equipment, relative to ordinary skills stigmata skills much larger power. Deep skills can belong to the category, the most powerful in the various skills is also the most difficult to learn skills, characteristic is far too powerful, CD is long, use restricted.

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