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AION game profession introduction first

[Mar 17 2016 GMT]

Classification is divided into the first level of the AION warriors, investigation, four professional mages and priests.Basic professional can be cultivated to level 10, after awakening for the guardian to change your job tasks, and then derive two career choices the ultimate professional.

Warriors (Fighter, Knignt) : human soldiers before awakening become guardians will have a strong physique, the battle will be relatively safe compared to other professional group. As the primary melee classes, the initial skills more consists of physical skills to give each other a heavy blow. After awakening as the guardian, can make for excellent defences to protect players Knignt and the Fighter of the enemy assault in the battlefield before the direction. Basic game style: recommended don't like complex operations, like to use a simple operation to enjoy easy hunting process of players to choose this profession.

Tout (Ranger, Assassin) : some astute discovered, in order to survive must become more agile and quick. They think fast attack is a kind of enjoyment, do not hesitate to attack each other's key. Select becoming guardians of the human awakening investigation, can to change your job to have the strongest master long-distance raid damage of Ranger and skilled assassins to Assassin. Basic game style: recommended operation is faster, enjoy the free style of AION Game players to choose this profession.