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AION game pet system is introduced

[Mar 24 2016 GMT]

The eternal tower has a pet in the game system, the type of pet, a total of five kinds of ornamental, warehouse, production, alarm, compound. When version 2.0 player players can through pet sale traders buy for ornamental, warehouse, production with three types. The player can use pet sell businessman to buy pet eggs, and through the pet adoption division is responsible for the adoption of the NPC for adoption. Responsible for pet eggs to purchase and is responsible for the adoption of NPC is located in the downtown of all RACES.

Another pet for 4 kinds of channels, the player pet related tasks, to complete the task after can get a new pet. Seven can be got through daily quest reward, a new pet;By copy "as" temple training 1 reward, can obtain four new pet;By copy "Allah card" reward, can get a new pet. In open automatically using pet items, pets can automatically using food, drinks, magic items, etc.

Before automatically using items, players must be in the "pet drug backpack" confirm to store enough food, beverage, magic items, such as when objects effect disappears, pets will automatically use items;Player activated automatically pick up pet items, pets will automatically pick up monster props of the item drop dead body, after the success of the activation pet shape rendering effect. There are many emotional instruction interaction between pet and pet mood reaches a certain degree, will host a gift, a pet for fixed shape, unable to transform or change color.

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