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AION game personal houses and props reinforcement is introduced

[Mar 30 2016 GMT]

Equipment to strengthen has 3 kinds, fossils, the magic stone, crafting. Strong fossil can be extracted from equipment, have strong fossil extraction tool can be obtained from grocery merchants, strong fossil maximum of 10 or more levels to strengthen, after strengthening can improve the ability of weapon or armor foundation. The magic stone can hunt from all the monsters, magic stone are hierarchical, the magic stone in many types: physical damage, deadly, avoidance, vitality, spirit, defense weapons, shield defense, properties, and so on.

The magic stone if inserted into the equipment, the equipment for this kind of effect;The magic stone insert is also likely to fail (low risk), failure is inserted before the magic stone. Crafting can from more than 30 monster hunting, the weapons and equipment can only strengthen once, use after the success of the crafting can make the equipment has the special ability of crafting.

AION 3.0 new system, players through monty race housing area auction house to buy houses, divided into independent housing, general residential, senior housing, apartments, the more senior housing will result feedback to players, some gain buff, apartment for free housing, no independent appearance. Houses can also upgrade.

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