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AION game of dyeing are introduced systematically

[Feb 03 2016 GMT]

In a nutshell, AION dyeing system can be equipped with separate each dye, and on the display, color part, can we change the quantity also pretty is much also expect him to continue to increase (of course), with some existing game is different, is that he can separate dyeing, instead of eating a can of paint the body color change in the future. Dyeing of the way and the cost is unknown, but this way has good and bad, want to dye a may have to spend more money, or to cobble together more dye the (because don't know the dye obtained difficulty level), and is in play, this colourful a set of equipment can be very funny!

Parts and equipment can have an independent dyeing the color change of the system can be subdivided and there is one other advantage, is in each guild groups in combat, recognition can be more improved (all red with green or yellow, green and red), dyeing method is very direct, open the character information window and dye double-click within the backpack choose bags after activation, and then choose to dye the armor (form Buy Aion Gold at this time the mouse will become a glass pipe), click on the confirm window will be shown after the armor, confirmation will be dyed.

Using dyeing can make the armor hue change, can let the fashion players put on dyeing of armor around, let the other players to foil your extraordinary. (just reward level equipment and the only equipment not dyed). The dyeing to eliminate drugs from NPCS to buy, use dye in the same way. If you double-click dyeing eliminate medicine make after activation, choose the armor has been dyed, can restore to the original color.