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AION game mounts and DP is introduced

[Mar 29 2016 GMT]

AION 3.0 updated joined the mount system, mount props increases movement speed and flight speed, part mounts props could be used in the process of moving moment to accelerate scurrying skills. Mounts in mobile use scurrying scroll, in the process of flying scroll, there are various kinds of increased movement speed BUFF effect to move more quickly.Mount the role of the items will not be affected by any.

Mount prohibited transactions, ban storage warehouse, warehouse storage legion, a level 60 or more character can be used to mount, with later can mount to the item above, can increase movement speed by 105%, when mount may terminate the mount state. Mount props movement speed also have very big distinction, according to the types of props, props natural movement speed, price is quite high mount speed increases.Mount props when moved to the distant place more convenient.

So when mount is some action will be limited.Mount process will automatically remove the mount from the other state., of course, to avoid each other roles and resistance against natural keep the mount state.

Divine Power is introduced: the DP can be translated into the Divine force him, he belongs to a kind of energy, this energy can be used in combat, can also be used in making items, can also be transferred. Obtain the DP pipeline is very simple, is to make, in terms of process, the player's DP will slowly accumulated, when accumulated to a certain extent, can use DP outbreak of skills, DP for advanced skills, types like general skills, not kill. But there are some rules, DP existence way when players death or offline (such as referrals for five minutes, but not zero), DP will be zero. DP is a material change skills needed materials, skill books need to purchase in the fortress.

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