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AION game consumption goods

[Mar 28 2016 GMT]

Consumption goods into the consumables, material objects, game currency, consumables is used to restore HP, MP, improve the ability to value, attack, skills, work items, quantitative items, every time use to reduce the number of;Various recovery potions, improve the ability to value food (bread, mushrooms, buckets, etc.), seal soul stone, elves, arrows, and skills to work required items (bandage, Mr Adele, powder, three pointed tree stem, fruit, etc.).

Material items is to use the skills in the production of mechanical production, need to consume goods. Minerals: make weapons and armor materials;Aquatic organisms: cooking materials;Herb: alchemy and arrange the materials;Fruit: food material;Branches: construction of weapons and property of materials;Other: task to collect. The base currency is the tower of eternity COINS is the tower of eternity generally for items of evidence, sort very much.

For example, ancient COINS, Karen evidence, blood evidence, Jin Zhu money, Bai Jinzhu money, etc.Medal is a special evidence can exchange for a military uniform, respectively is: silver medal, Jin Gongxun medal, white gold medal, silver medal, black gold medal.

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