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AION elements monarch laboratory strategy

[Apr 01 2016 GMT]

In previous versions everyone saw the exclusive monty new maps, new Revelations exclusive map made its debut With new area, terra and noth pearl DE of the laboratory of monarch and a copy of the new element. Hear this name everyone does have a lot of pictures, immediately to mind out of the "frankenstein" image, various bottle container canister risking bubble, sounds is very dangerous.

Element monarch should not be difficult to copy for you, in front of the basic question is not big, the BOSS will notice a little, every time to call two small blame, see property can know attack range, feng shui is remote, fire is a melee, accused of a career can be accused of blame at this time, the explosion damage is high and the whole map, can choose accused of living or death.

Now there are a lot of players for a copy of the forest, also wrote a guide to share, some points are very useful, such as close to the BOSS finally output can share the damage, prevent crispy teammate is snatched seconds and so on, of course, each team configuration, play will be different, only to try to find the most suitable for their own tactics!

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