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AION copy matt castle strategy step

[Jul 12 2016 GMT]

1, from the entrance to the central corridor

Conversation with Karen after beginning, three wave of dragon castle channel will have strange coming, I suggest that in addition to T the players don't busy, and with Karen NPCS in situ, such as T to pull back on the channel, and NPCS beat again. Because so many strange number hit people pain, Karen soldiers don't use white is not used, at the end of the channel in the summer camp Pal

2, the three road on the left

Not bend around the concise line, a good small blame the past can, in turn, will meet at the end of the dragon emperor stone, may praise tera, this sade.

Article 3. The three road on the right

Luck, in the round after the elevator area, need to turn on either side of the room to play fat man off the elevator key, first only lucky to play out, bad luck played only four, under the elevator defectors kunduz banda, this is behind the door, in the summer

4, three road of

Theme clear route of BOSS, the BOSS hard, block the way of adjutant anu Hal, the BOSS may khabarov towers. To find where and how to buy Cheap Aion Kinah is on