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AION copy matt castle strategy

[Jul 04 2016 GMT]

Copy of the background: mention the amalekites orchid tower in the center of the city is the amalekites orchid eye of the tower floating above mention the amalekites orchid tower of the castle. Mention the amalekites orchid tower after the completion of vortex is formed over the purple, it is said that the tia matt fly on the sky the magic swirl injection after after strong luster and noise in the castle.

Mention the amalekites orchid tower itself is built in tia matt's right, and thoroughly for the parthian matt close castle, can feel the parthian matt authority from the appearance and personality. matt and matt castle is dominant when dragon industry's elite army stronghold, with a huge and overwhelming pressure.

Entry: a copy of the entry in the race of the wall is the platform, don't go to the entrance to the 12 o 'clock direction, set several team discovered a lot of people don't know this, have strengthened their hands to 12 PM and then die. Copy, matt castle dragon emperor nests much more relaxed than 12 people, but still have some challenging. drop something of good quality but also earn OBS.

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