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AION brand new appearance system

[May 23 2016 GMT]

New system added nine women hairstyle hairstyle and six men, trendy hairstyle is absolutely let you fondle admiringly. Not only that, the new version also updates the existing hair texture, make people look more natural beauty. First, the new men's and women's style of 20 + a pupil;Second, increase the pupil size Settings;Third, the pupil about color can be set respectively, yes, a beautiful Persian cat's eye was born! Fourth, increase a woman 9 eyelash style, about you pretty girls love long eyelashes.

New version increase several size details, are respectively, body length, thickness of upper arm, lower arm, the thickness, the length of the hands, legs, thighs, thickness thickness and inferno mane to remove options, the increase of these details help AION players better adjust the role of shape, can also have a clear inferno back, meet the different needs of different players.

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