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AION Ranger attack skill analysis in detail

[Jul 20 2016 GMT]

1. The sniper: the most began to use the skills, attack the farthest skills (25 m), CD skills with the shortest time is the most frequently used frequent skills, four subsequent combos excitation = = = necessary skills.

2. Even shot: sniper combos, time is consistent with Cheap Aion Kinah the sniper attack distance and CD, three even shot crit voice to listen to for a feast for the eyes (though injury so-so) = = = = essential skills.

3. Arrows: make a lot of people ignore a skill, actually hurt not less than even shot (attack + 3 damage over time poisoning), but because of his CD time is longer than the snipers, so can't replace even shot as a sniper resident combos, but it has poisoning effect is very good a negative BUFF (a state of intoxication can't take off).

4. The cone arrow: the damage of low, negative BUFF is not obvious, didn't find what are the advantages.

5. Screw bolt: sniper - even after the shooting of the third combos, see the RP trigger, trigger frequency is higher, after upgrade to level 2 damage can also, for archers skills are inadequate, a damage skills is a good thing, of course.

6. The lasso arrow: the characteristics of the ranger is what? Distance, that how to keep their distance, is the noose, distance, the effects of CD time, BUFF, percentage is impeccable, ranger besides dartle only instant skills, which means you can be shot as he ran, absolute ace skills.