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AION Fighter stone selection

[Jun 06 2016 GMT]

Two-handed Fighters: Fighter wind, pick up good two-handed Fighters is really nice, but it seems very moderate, players use is not too much, it is said that the next step is to strengthen the power of the Fighter. Stone, the whole body and physical lethal weapons defense reduce instead, weapons block effect, very obvious drop of blood, and don't know if crowe, beautiful condition unique defense effect, may be big Fighter general defense unique effects, the whole body in 23 weapon of defense millstone, weapons defensive body hit more than 1800, crow beauty state defense effect reached more than 70%, basically sometimes block, effect is very significant.

Gun, gun attack as advantage, good gun that attack is so high! This no doubt!Guns don't dozen deadly, anyone who is a soldier deadly weapons at 1.5 times, well below the deadly dagger multiples, so it took money had a millstone crit up and you will find that the effect will be let you very disappointed, what a millstone? Tell you play attack stone! Late early have no money, 3, 4 or 5, you will find that the effect is not very general, after finished anyway originally crit rate is low, add the crit and basic crit rate almost without crit, but do not add crit body attack, if a blast that blockbuster, the opponent directly to the sudden death!

Dual wield: 32 and dual wield, in a word, the premise, there are two good weapon, two Jin Wuqi best, worst and make blue two weapons, in fact, early is not good weapons, with the two tasks blue weapons!! Fighter in hand dagger, left, listen to me right, unless you crit reached more than 450, otherwise don't take two Fighters, so you and another dagger a compare Fighter effect is very general, can make you very depressed.

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