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AION Assassin technology strategy

[Mar 04 2016 GMT]

1, weapon: first, the main hand short dark dragon (paralysis), deputy of the talent flash mountain copper short (silence), why did you choose double short?Eat an attack rate (0.9 attack rate is good enough. The point of attack, abandoned the short-long even if not rapidly, double short can also have the courage to roll in the field of 0.9 attack rate cases, no matter in what time can play normal.

2, armor and jewelry: temporary AION GAME the clothes is not open to version 1.5, armor preferred centurion, of course, the whole body attack five stones, why all hit attack 5? Because the grade level 50 full Assassin, even if the whole body don't hit a critical stone, itself has 300 + crit, eating a roll, neutral, 500 + violence, at least I think is good enough! As for jewelry: if you're walking routes, so as long as HP, plus hit and hot-tempered.

3, PVP: played Assassin knows that Assassin is to control the opponent in the shortest possible time to give the maximum damage to its black and white television. Stealth in the target, find out the timing to extinguish any profession. If it is a small group of combat, then you must possess! Shadow step will play out, the effect of stealth after as far as possible to move both sides, don't stand in the crowd, lest by the group. In the two fought to extremely chaotic situation for thin skin professional in the shortest possible time to kill, and immediately to avoid the back buffer volume running skills such as good eat again go to steal, if in a fog of blunt go up hacked messing around, so you don't play, hurt yourself.