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A video Released by Will Parks Brought Bad Consequence

[Oct 13 2017 GMT]

A video showed a training center where Paxton Lynch failed to pass the challenges for twice, which released by Will Parks last week. As a result, it has attracted thousands of views and many comments has been left about this video, some said that they main purpose of Will Parks is to shame Paxton Lynch. The opinions vary from person to person, but, the bad reviews make up the majority. Although Parks has explained he has no malicious later, lots of people still choose to distrust him.


In order to quite down this troubled dispute, Denver Broncos has to make a serious discussion with their players. The main topic is what kind of content can be share with the public? Vance Joseph, a coach of Denver Broncos, said in a press conference: “I’m really sorry for this bad incident. I believe that Parks released this video just for fun, and the terrible consequence brought by this video made him very depressed.” “We learned a lot for this incident, and I have spent much time guiding my players about how to play social media appropriately. I always see them as my children, so it’s my responsibility to protect them if there is harm. Reminding them what can be done and what can’t be done is my thing.” said Vance Joseph later.


Well, for young people like us, we can do whatever we want whenever we want. It’s not surprising we like to post something for the world to see. But there is a difference between celebrity and ordinary. People tend to ignore things done by the ordinary. But celebrities always get notice from others no matter what they said and did. Thus, they have to be more cautious and careful. Otherwise, disaster will become their friend soon.


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