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A Uncommon Silver Card Worth More Than 80k Fifa Coins On Fifa Ultimate Team

[Dec 25 2017 GMT]

With out even searching via the 12 things accessible, you quickly get rid of the players and pick up some simple FIFA coins. Who might be arsed wanting to make a profit from Silver players, proper?

Properly, you might want to stop that habit instantly and study the following report because of a man going by the name of Cristiano

Cristiano da Silva, the 74-rated striker that is certainly at present going for 80,000 FIFA 18 coins around the Ultimate Group transfer market.

He may well only have a Silver card on FIFA 18 this year, but Kashiwa Reysol player is incredibly rare and many of the time, you won't even see him on the transfer market.

With 90 pace, 90 acceleration, 91 strength and 80 shot energy, Cristiano has a few of by far the most impressive stats we've ever seen in a Silver card.

One famus YouTuber states that Cristiano would be the rarest player on FIFA 18 and is extinct on all consoles, so in the event you do manage to discover him, he's going to expense a ridiculous 80k coins.

Cristiano is right-footed on FIFA 18 and has got a 3-star ability moves rating. His height of 183 cm is one of his biggest traits, applying his 91 strength and 90 pace to his advantage.

Seriously guys, never make the mistake of speedy promoting this guy - he must be worth an absolute ton.

Inform your friends just before they get rid mainly because there is plenty of profit to go around when you manage to pack him!

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