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A Recently Updated RS for You

[Oct 12 2017 GMT]

It’s not surprising that a player would be tired of playing NovtumberFest RuneScape every day. Thus, if Jagex want to maintain high popularity, it must create some new things to attract fans. There are several additions prepared for RS player in recent days, such as quests, fletching skill, new weapons and some other challengeable tasks. Except for enjoying those interesting content in the game, player can also obtain Mystic Cloth RuneScape.


In the updated game, players could discovery further regions in the game. This change delighted numerous RuneScape fans. In the previous edition, not only the exploration area is limited, but only the contents are boring. Now, players can choose what whatever they like, including a Soul's Bane, Priest in Peril, Gertrude's Cat, Missing, Presumed Death, Perils of Ice Mountain with the ability to smith pickaxes, Song from the Depths and the first level of the grotworm cavern, Broken Home and the post quest content.


In addition, all players can use fletching skills to fight against their rivals in the game. As for how to use fletching skills well, it depends on every player’s ability and capability. In the meantime, weapons like off-hand weapons, coifs, hard leather chaps, hard leather cowl, spider silk shield, carapace shield and wizard armor are available to all player.


As for the Mystic Cloth RuneScape, it can be gained by various methods. Except for those we have used before, the new additions including regular and elite Ankous, the King Black Dragon, Giant Mole and Chaos Elemental. In general, Mystic Cloth RuneScape can be used to craft blue Mystic Robes with a needle, thread and 51 Crafting level at least (51 for blue Mystic Boots, 52 for Gloves, 53 for Hood, 54 for Legs, and 55 for Top). Of course, you can use it to buy your any other in the game if you like.


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