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A Hard Negotiation Between the Rockets and Motiejunas

[Nov 24 2016 GMT]

The Rockets accelerated the contract negotiation with Motiejunas, hoping to complete the contract. But from the current situation, the possibility of the two sides reached an agreement is not large.

The Rockets wanted to complete the contract as soon as possible, but Motiejunas team insisted on asking for high-paying contract. There is not a small distancethe for two sides to reach the agreement. For Motiejunas, if can not renew and the Rockets, he can choose to play in Europe. However, according to the Union, until next summer, the Rockets still have the right to open a quote for him, so he will still be a restricted free agent.

Motiejunas joined the NBA in 2012-13 season. His four seasons all played for the Rockets, averaging got 7.8 points and 4 rebounds. 2014-15 season, he became the main force of the Rockets, averaging got 12 points and 5.9 rebounds. But last season, he suffered injuries, only played 37 games, averaging data also dropped to 6.2 points and 2.9 rebounds.

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