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5 Tips To Roll Your Rs In Different Languages

[Nov 10 2017 GMT]

1. Give yourself a face
Most people realize that the key to making a sound is in the mouth. Polyglot Fabien Snauwaert explains that while this is a key factor, it is not the sound of the tongue, but the air flow that creates the rolling sound. He suggests putting your tongue in position (under the mouthfeel), relaxing your tongue and letting the air out. You also need to smile to do this, Mark Cobb insists, and that's not a bad idea.

2. Entry position
If you're not sure about this location, Tamara Marie explains, just like you say a word that begins with D. After saying it a few times, you should try to say/r/sound. It is recommended to use the word hanging to comfortably place your tongue. Or, you can do it like Carolyn Koslow and Denis Benjorato, and when you're talking, put a pencil between your teeth!

3. Use your tongue
Do you remember tongue twisters? These old playground favorites are touted as an absolute way to keep your tongue rolling. Jonathan Huggins has suggested that English tongue twisters be spoken by people who speak Spanish, so that the content of the warder is nothing new to you, and you can focus on the sound. Jonathan's favorites include the eternal red van, the yellow van and downright unusual.

4. Guide your inner animals. It seems that many animals can help us solve this problem. According to Miriam Carla Salas, it's time to bring your heart out and show the world how you can be GRRRRRRRR. GaberPatane says it's also effective to be an angry dog.

5. Monkey listen, monkey do!
More seriously, you can use interactive IPA diagrams and copy the models they provide. Of course, it might be the case that rolling your Rs is just not in your repertoire. (as I mentioned before, my native English friend). While it is absolutely possible to learn how to pronounce it, it seems that some people are better at it than others.

Merride Williams wondered if this might be the result of your dialect or accent. As she points out, although the R that has the language gymnastics skills to pronounce it doesn't make people feel like native speakers, it's just icing on the cake.

Which of the above techniques can best help your Rs? Do you have your own tips? Let me know the comments at where you can buy FIFA coins, NBA 2K MT, RS Gold, Madden 18 COINS and so on.