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4 Best Recommendations for Newbie in FIFA 18

[Sep 25 2017 GMT]

Once again, there are still lots of various mistakes which made by FIFA Newbie as in previous years. There are so many tips and guides for you, among them, 4 most effective recommendations we think can help you a lot.


Recommendation 1: Sell Your Players in A Competitive Price As Soon As Possible!

It’s wise to sell your unwanted players in a lowest price, the sooner, the better, if you want to make coins at UT. In contrast, the most stupid thing is to lose ten thousands of coins because of a few thousand coins, how a big risk and low profit! It’s certain there is a possibility that you may be trading at a loss, but, it’s more safe and reliable. With this method, one can create big profit bit by bit.


Recommendation2: Build Well Balanced Team!

A well structured team can greatly improve the possibility of winning a game. Every player has the best position in the game and plays his strength. Building a perfect team seems more important and urgent than previous years. We are excited to see that the target men match strength very closely. A good team can guarantee what are the priorities and what irrelevant aspects. It’s necessary to have a player who controls the overall situation in the game, and a brutal enforcer r who can run for days in midfield.


Recommendation3: Watch Tutorials, Learn What's OP

The driven shooter was crazy a year ago, but we did not even know about it till December! Tutorials are an amazing method of adding new components to your game that may make the difference. Go watch Twitch streams with better players, check out YouTube tutorials that provide sound advice, it's a amazing way of enhancing your game and you may learn a few things you didn't even realize existed!


Recommendation 4: Buy FIFA 18 Points, Sooner Rather Than Later!

Early on you're far more likely to create more coins than at any other point in the sport. Players who are worth 2,000 coins in a few months may be worth between 10 and 20,000. The pack weight is worse for elite players but when is it ever good? Spend your FIFA points early if you're sure that you want to purchase them and you will find a lot more coins early on.


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