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3 Strategies And Tricks You have to Use To Earn VC Promptly And Effectively In 2K18

[Jan 08 2018 GMT]

Lots of gamers have balked at the notion of spending genuine funds to upgrade their MyPlayer, thus lots of fans are thirsty to find the top approaches to earn VC with no dipping into their wallets. I've located three efficient and reliable strategies to earn VC devoid of playing an actual game.

MyLeague may be one of many most profitable modes within the game. Really playing games can earn you close to 1,000 VC per contest. Nonetheless, this short article is about earning speedily and effectively. Did you understand which you still earn VC in MyLeague even any time you simulate a game? That's ideal.

Begin a MyLeague with any group. Set the quarter length to 12 minutes. The difficulty setting doesn't matter. Visit the in-mode calendar and simulate a game applying Simcast Reside. Be sure to turn the sim speed up to 6X.

No matter if you participate in the simulation or not, you'll nevertheless earn 400 VC for each game. It does not even matter in case your team wins or loses.

Gamers who work or are in school can just start a MyLeague game every single morning, afternoon or evening prior to they leave for the day. The simulation doesn't require you to press any buttons to finish. Once you return, you are going to have earned your VC. You might repeat the process before you visit bed.

It really is an easy technique to guarantee you earn at the least 800 VC just about every day. If you're concerned about your console getting on all day, all you may need to complete is set it to go into sleep mode after being idle for 2 hours. The simulation does not take that lengthy to complete.

If you are home, but just cannot get on the sticks at the time, you can potentially sim through a number of games earning 400 VC every single time. If you complete an entire MyLeague season making use of this tactic, you'll earn yourself 24,600 VC.

Last year's game featured 38 episodes of 2KTV. Every of these episodes provides gamers an chance to earn VC for answering questions and participating in polls. You could typically earn close to 400 VC from the show, and it's quite informative all round.

The show runs when a week. If you utilized all three of these tactics in concert, it is possible to realistically earn 13,000 VC per week without having playing a single game. That is not even counting what you may earn from choosing up the controller and truly playing any on the VC-earning modes.