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[Jul 26 2016 GMT]

National also established in New York in June 6, 1946, 30 teams in North America is made of men's professional Basketball league, one of the four major professional sports leagues in the United States. Brings together the world's top players, is one of the world's highest level basketball games.

The NBA's 30 teams belong to two league: the eastern conference and western conference, each alliance is composed of three division, five teams in each conference. Divided into the regular season and playoffs preseason NBA game. The regular season game, main road system, every team in every season to 82 regular season games, each team game played between each other. Teams of four games between the same division; The same alliance between different division team 3 to 4 games; Different league team between two games. When there is labor disputes and other special circumstances NBA playground will be fewer in number is called the lockout-shortened season.

After the regular season, east, west union in the top eight teams in the playoffs. Take seven four wins the war upset the format, the regular season winning high team to a home advantage more. By the east and western union first to eighth place, the second to the seventh, the third to the sixth, the fourth to the fifth, until they decide the east and the west, then from east and west champion team to the NBA finals, decide the NBA championship. staff thank you for your support. We have sent you a 5% extra nba mt coupon. 5% extra 2k16 mt coupon:choose .