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[Oct 09 2016 GMT]

In Jersey sales rankings, last year completed the occupation career last season, the Lakers player Kobe Bryant ranked first, followed by the defending League MVP Stephen core warriors curry, and ranked third in the NBA Finals MVP Lebron James, it is worth mentioning that this is James for second consecutive years ranked third in the list.

The team in the series of product sales rankings, the Cleveland Cavaliers rely on the team's first NBA Championship won the top ranked second and third respectively is the Losangeles Lakers and the Chicago bulls. The ranking is based on sales since September 2015 NBA official flagship store.

Kobe only participated in a Chinese game, it was in 2013. At that time, Kobe because he is still in the recovery period after the Achilles tendon injury, just playing hot warm-up, did not participate in the game, but this does not affect his appeal to the Chinese fans. NBA star a lot, but in Chinese influence, in addition to Jordan, no one can be compared to Kobe, Tracy McGrady, Iverson and James even these super idol too.

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