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2K18 New Features in MyTeam Mode

[Oct 20 2017 GMT]

Since 2K17 refineD the player card card level, card group function, card back tasks, it can be said to greatly enhance the MyTeam mode playability.

2K18 is mainly to continue to refine the card function. First it added cards with star signature. Here we 2kvc should praise NBA's operating team business mind. These cards are certainly more precious with higher selling price, The strength of the players will be significantly improved.

The other is pack and playoffs. In fact, it is very similar with FIFA launched a few years ago UT mode. At the beginning, you need to open a card package, which contains a random number of players and coaches. Then establish your own team. Now even the coach has a card, and different coach cards are mainly to determine the team's tactics. Depending on the relationship between the players and coaches, choose your best MT lineup.

You can add equipment to the players, such as jerseys, shoes, buy stadium accessories and so on. In general, the MT mode now encourages you to play more games to earn points, collect all the players and coach cards!

It should be noted, however, that the pack & playoffs in this mode is against with other players rather than face AI.

The 2K18 contract will add a two-way contract. Your team needs to have at least 14 players in regular season with up to 15 regular NBA contracts.

The team can have two two-way contract players, in the regular season for the team for up to 45 days. Players who have less than 4 years of professional experience can sign a two-way contract and can only sign before January 15th.

If there are four or more players in the team who have struck at least three games, you can use the plight case to sign a player outside the 15-player with limited lineup. When the number of casualties is less than 4, you need to remove one player from the team's main lineup.

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