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2K17 NBA game to create a real Stadium

[Sep 08 2016 GMT]

2K Games announced the latest NBA 2K17 APIs, which is displayed on the trailer in the game to really let the fans enjoy the stadium, can also feel the warm atmosphere. In the film, 2K on the design of the proposed stadium they really have great originality recorded in real-time, nearly 200 hours in the NBA game voice information, and every NBA stadium audience cheering sound.

In the process of recording, the recording team reached a total of 16000 miles, before getting such a rich voice samples. NBA 2K17 perfectly restored the MLS stadium in the fiery atmosphere, the audience cheers, applause, cheers people like the game, fans of different teams for cheering sound is also different, and unique voice of each course has been perfect.

NBA 2K17 will be available for sale in September 20, 2016, landing One/PC PS4/Xbox platform.