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2K is Encountering Difficulties Right Now

[Oct 12 2017 GMT]

There are some big issues in NBA 2K18, and 2K has already realized this problem. Thus, some measures have been taken recently in order to find the solution. One problem about NBA 2K is the undeletable duplicates of player’s base roster in MyGM and MyLeague. As one of the most important functions in the game, its abnormal operation means gamers can’t use or buy some superstar players from the classic team, All-Time and current teams. The root of this issue is the filters which remove players automatically. Now, 2K strives to stop this intentional operation.

2K said in a press conference: “bug will be fixed in an upcoming patch. There will likely be other fixes to those two modes and perhaps more in that update. ” Although we don't know exactly when this specific update will be available, or when the next title update for NBA 2K18 will go live, it's good to know work is still being done to improve the gaming experience, the ongoing work aimed to provide player a better game experience delight most of us.

Creating an offline player is another big difficulty faced by 2K. The system was downgraded significantly in NBA 2K18 and many of the community's content creators have pushed for some sort of improvement to this aspect of the game. Days after launch, a 2K rep said: "we can’t patch the old system back into 2K18 but we are working on adding as much into the next 2K18 patch (after day 1) as we can.”

So far, we are still looking forward to hearing good news from 2K. Other common issues are related to mode stability within The Neighborhood, clipping during gameplay as well as shot make-and-miss ratios. NBA 2K18 is one of the largest games available for any system, but there are areas that still need to be addressed in almost every mode.

We believe those two annoying issues will be solved soon. So, just be patient and support whatever 2K has done in NBA 2K18. By the way, if you want to buy NBA 2K18 MT Coins, is a reliable site for you, you can visit it and have a try.