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2K Will Solve the Cover Issue Soon

[Aug 25 2017 GMT]

Kyrie Irving moved from the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Boston Celtics, and many people wondered how to deal with the cover star Irving. 2K Sports issued their statement about the matter.

Their marketing Vice President Jason Argent in Game Magazine, USA, presented their plans for this matter. He said it was not an unprecedented event, but fortunately as the most realistic basketball game maker, they are accustomed to quickly respond to NBA changes. They will solve the problem in a later period of time.

Although Argent's statement was a bit broad, it was nice to see that 2K Sports had responded to the Irvine team's change. It was not the first time. Last year's NBA 2K17 cover star Paul George was part of the Indiana Walk The team, and this summer he was traded to Oklahoma City Thunder.

As for when we can see the new cover wearing a Celtics uniform, it is hard to say. As the NBA 2K18 release is coming, the game marketing is in full swing, which means that we may also continue to see wearing a Cavaliers uniforms appeared in the game's promotional film, a conservative estimate, the new cover will be in October Late or early November will come.

In addition, NBA 2K18 on Twitter released the latest Isiah Thomas picture. NBA 2K18 is scheduled for sale on September 19, landing Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, PC and Switch, scheduled to be in advance on September 15 to get the game. Hurry up to stock nba 2k 18 mt.