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2017 all star game held on the date of publication

[Aug 15 2016 GMT]

2017 All-Star race time is Beijing time on February 20, in positive match before, as the appetizer, rookie challenge is on February 18, the skills challenge, the third of the shootout, the slam dunk contest the individual competition on February 19. From the schedule table, a total of 6 days did not arrange the game, but to enter the day before the full star of the first day of a total of only 2 games.

Runners in the Boston Celtics, bulls, walking, wizards in all star intermittent period after the end of the 2 days to play, so each team during intermittent all star break this year at least 7 days. These popular warrior, knight team can rest for 7 days, good luck a little like the eagle, they in all star before the final race a day earlier so that they have the time of 8 days of rest.

Since the end of last season, all star intermittent period is the key, after all, most players have been more time to rest, relax the body, injured, the team also has the more training time to solve the problems existing in the first half. A lot of teams in the all star game performance enhance, on the season like knight, Houston, New Orleans, eagles and other team after the all star break performance significantly better than the first half better.

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