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2016 NBA 5V5 finals in Shanghai

[Aug 02 2016 GMT]

On July 30, 2016 - NBA China's first NBA 5v5 five-a-side elite basketball match the national finals in Shanghai, 16 teams from all over the country team after a month of fighting, 4 substation champion team one by one, Dribble Life, District6, PB and XingAo constant and century square in Shanghai, they will exert all one's skill in the two-day competition to win the final championship.

Matches, the mascot of the Milwaukee bucks and cheerleaders from New Orleans pelican in performance, to make the audience and see more attracted pedestrians on the road to watch. Finale to a generation of youth recollection, the NBA legend, two-time scoring champion during the season, the 7 th all star player Tracy McGrady, and effectiveness the nuggets 7 rookie last season, "the Chinese boy" Emanuel - moody's performance, and interact with the fans, the witness to the east, west, south and north four division race winner.

Fans in the interactive activities at the scene, the winner is from McGrady accepted the 2016 NBA international series - prix tickets for the match, in golden October on the ground. McGrady said, "the younger generation is need to use the correct training methods to improve yourself, NBA 5V5 today with the help of the NBA stadium levels of the floor and the first professional ball, provides the best platform for the people who love basketball".

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