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13 Runescape Tips And Tricks To Succeed And Obtain More Gold

[May 06 2019 GMT]

While Runescape isn't as popular as it once was, people are still playing the game. If you're interested in joining in, here are 13 awesome tips and tricks you will need to know as a beginner in order to obtain more Runescape gold .

Tips 1: Questing
In RuneScape questing is somewhat different from other MMORPGs as it allows you to delve deeply into rich storylines where your actions can have a real impact on the game.

Tips 2: Crafting Your Own Adventure
Crafting allows you to set your own goals and objectives and help you to create your own game path.

Tips 3: Use of the RuneScape Wikia Page
The Wikia page for Runescape is a great resource for both novice and veteran gamers where you can find answers if you get stuck.

Tips 4: Traversing the World Map
A great filter section in the world map allows you to search and find anything you want in the game world.

Tips 5: The Basics of Battle
Combat works by using 3 different combat styles in a triangle and system of abilities. The triangle consists of: Magic beating Melee, Melee beating Range, and Range beating Magic. Each style contains its own abilities and the clever use of the abilities will make you a much stronger player.

Tips 6: Join a Clan
A clan consists of groups of people sharing a chat and who may own a Citadel  a special base unique to each clan.

Tips 7: The Grand Exchange
This is the automated marketplace for RuneScape that makes it easy for gamers to effortlessly buy and sell stuff.

Tips 8: Menaphos: The Golden City
RuneScape has added a new expansion and now has a brand new city to uncover and explore. New and veteran players alike will enjoy journeying to Menaphos, The Golden City.

Tips 9: Utilizing the Path System
Use the path system to find your own path and choose the first steps on your journey. If you need a gentle nudge in the right direction, the path system will point out the content based on your choice of one of the 3 categories: Questing, Combat or Non-Combat skills.

Tips 10: Getting Familiar with All the Combat Systems
By experimenting with Manual, Legacy or Revolution Mode systems you can familiarize yourself with the various combat styles. For a rewarding tutorial visit the Combat Academy in Lumbridge.

Tips 11: Old School RuneScape Hours vs OSRS Gold
Old school Runescape players should select the fastest method with their skills in order to spend more time making profitable OSRS Gold. For example, Cutting Yew gives 50K OSRS Gold per hour and 30K XP per hour. But Cutting Teak Trees gives 90K XP per hour earning no RSGP. Therefore, cutting Teak logs is 3 times faster than cutting Yew logs. The hours saved can be used for training and activities that will make a player extra OSRS Gold. If you want more information, check out

Tips 12. Second OSRS Account
F2P players would be better off buying an OSRS membership and getting a bond for their second account. For example, with Wine of Zamorak, a player can get 200-300Ks of RuneScape gold p/h that can be used to pay off the bond in just 10 hours, saving 2 weeks of gaming! If the second account is trained for a month or two, a player will easily be able to get to 100 Combat or possibly 75 Slayer. This will allow a player an increase of 750K RSGP per hour for doing Gargoyles.

Tips 13: Daily Runs
By doing Staff, Herb Box, Birdhouse, and Farm runs on a daily basis can get a player more Old School RS gold. By picking the right seed with Ultracompost, for example, an OSRS player can easily get 150K – 250K RuneScape 2007 gold for each Farm run. Each Farm run taking 5 -7 minutes will make over 1M RSGP per day and doing Birdhouse runs will easily earn 2M RSGP per week.