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"WWE 2K18" Landing on Nintendo Switch

[Jul 28 2017 GMT]

    Game developers 2K announced that their fighting game "American Professional Wrestling Union 2K18 (WWE 2K18)" will land on the Nintendo Switch, but the specific time for selling the game is not yet confirmed. For more information, visit where cheap NBA 2K18 MT is available.

    "US Professional Wrestling Union 2K18" will land on PS4 and Xbox One platforms on October 27, and the Switch version of the game is expected to be sold in the autumn of 2017, which is different from the sale time of PS4 / Xbox One version.

    Like the PS4 / Xbox One version, the Switch version of "American Professional Wrestling Union 2K18" will include the new career model, as well as the biggest lineup compared to the previous game.

    The previous work "WWE 2K17" of this series had the super-large lineup which contains 130 super stars, and is regarded as the most outstanding wrestling game. Even so, this game is not without defects, career mode can be done a little longer, and the wrestler moves are also relatively weak. It is believed that these deficiencies will be improved in the new work. Like the previous series, "WWE 2K18" will also introduce the same quarterly package and DLC content.