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Crusaders of Light is a high-quality cross-platform MMORPG available on Mobile, Tablet and PC, It was developed by Chinese studio - NetEase. Choose between one of three classes: Mystic, Warrior,Paladin,Elementalist or Ranger, and start a journey to increases your power. 

Reach level 45 and unlock the advanced character progression system to harness your character's true potential. Explore a 3D world brimming with pirate ships, dangerous beaches, verdant forests, and precarious dungeons. Join a guild, and band together in a raid of 40 players to fight the most formidable bosses in the land. Uncover lost treasures, and equip yourself with looted gear to enhance your stats and increase your powers as a hero. Then engage other players in the arena, in either 1v1, 3v3, or 5v5 tactical fights, where the team that works together, wins together. Or take part in 25v25 battlegrounds to hone your skills. 

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Chocolate 1PCS Chocolate 1PCS
Type:Precious Gifts

Usage:Increase Relationship

Description:Delicious Chocolate,can increase the friendship between you and your same gender friends.Each Chocolate increases friendship by 99.

Support Server: Asia/Europe/North_America/Oceania/South_America
Lucky Ticket 1PCS Lucky Ticket 1PCS
Type:Festival Item

Usage:Lucky Draw

Description:Lucky Tickets can be used in Lucky Draw

Support Server: Asia/Europe/North_America/Oceania/South_America
Potential Potion 1PCS Potential Potion 1PCS
Usage: Reset Talent Levels

Description: Mysterious potion developed by Barbarian Herbalist Susan. Can inspire people's potentials. Can reset three Transfer Paths,and return Talent experience, Silver and Magellana Emblems required for leveling up.

Support Server: Asia/Europe/North_America/Oceania/South_America
Renaming Card 1PCS Renaming Card 1PCS
Type:Rare Item

Usage:Character Name Modification

Description:A mysterious scroll enchanted by Scholar's magic. It can only be used once. Names can be changed every 7 days.

Support Server: Asia/Europe/North_America/Oceania/South_America
Rose 1PCS Rose 1PCS
Type:Precious Gifts

Usage:Increase Relationship

Description:Just like the words of roses,roses can close the gap between you and your different gender friends.Each rose increases friendship 99.

Support Server: Asia/Europe/North_America/Oceania/South_America
Surgewind Boar Token 1PCS Surgewind Boar Token 1PCS
Type:Mount Token

Usage:Get Mount

Description:Use this token in the Archive menu to unlock the Surgewind Boar mount!

Support Server: Asia/Europe/North_America/Oceania/South_America
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