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Terms and Conditions

This clause applies to all the consumers that browse and use our website to buy our product and service. Please read this clause and bylaws carefully. You buy any products through our website before that you have already agreed and accept our clause and bylaws.

General provision
Our company will endeavor to make sure to update the price quality and amount of display product. Our company assets our rights of changing price that notified. Our company will endeavor to make sure that we have enough stock on the list, if any product is out of stock but cannot contact the customer in time, our company assert the right of changing the product in the same value.

Members who register on our website and customers who do not have a membership, please proceed as follows:

1, the member must fill in his(her) real accurate and entire information in accordance with our request.

2, complete and accurate game details.

3, keep your account and password safe.

If the data you register need to be updated, please contact our Live Help to do for you immediately.

Refund guarantee
Please read "Return and Refund Policy" carefully, you can get all information there. Any request or suggestion, please contact our Live Help at anytime.