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1. PLEASE DO NOT send any NeverWinter Astral Diamonds or items back to anyone once you have received them. We won't ask for the Diamonds back for any reason!
2. PLEASE DO NOT give your account name and password to anyone during delivery. Anyone asking for those is with 100% certainty a scammer!
3. PLEASE DO NOT listen to imposter, especially to those who pretend to be from the Official! Our 24/7 online Live Help is the ONLY SAFE place to deal with your orders.

Please Select Product - Neverwinter PC Diamonds

1M Diamonds $13.03 $10.86
2M Diamonds $26.07 $21.72
3M Diamonds $39.10 $32.58
4M Diamonds $52.13 $43.44
5M Diamonds $65.17 $54.31
6M Diamonds $78.20 $65.17
7M Diamonds $91.23 $76.03
8M Diamonds $104.27 $86.89
9M Diamonds $117.30 $97.75
10M Diamonds $130.33 $108.61
15M Diamonds $195.50 $162.92
20M Diamonds $260.67 $217.22
30M Diamonds $391.00 $325.84
40M Diamonds $521.34 $434.45
50M Diamonds $651.67 $543.06

The Diamonds transfer will be processed via the NeverWinter Astral auction house. Your participation is required. Prior to your order you place items into the auction house with a duration of 5 days.

While ordering, please make sure that the "Auction house item" is spelled exactly right. Also add the required level of the items. Together with the character's name a unique identification is possible and the supplier can buy your items. Please note:

- Maximum amount for an article not more then 5M. E.g. for an 20M order add 4x5M.

- You have to pay the auction house fees of 12% yourself

- The correct form of the character name has the @ symbol in it and looks something like this: XXXX@XXXX Please enter your character name correctly.

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