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About MMOCart.COM Affiliate & Sponsorship Plan

Welcome to Join MMOCart.COM Affiliate & Sponsorship Plan as partners. We are offering you a good chance of advertising our website for getting real Money and Free game Gold coins by helping you set a coupon code. You self creat a ?% coupon code (?% of extra coins) on our page. People get it on all you social medias, such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, etc., and order from us with the code. You can have ?% of sales. The only thing you need to do is to put the coupon code in any place where your visitors will see and buy game Gold coins with your code from us. Register Now!

Steps to have Affiliate & Sponsorship:

1. Register first.

2. After Register and Login, click "My Orders" at the Top right corner.

3. In the left box are your order details. Add coupon code by clicking Coupon button. The code is set yourself, like your name with/or special numbers.

4. After you creating your coupon code, you can check your sales history and related information in the future in "My Dashboard".

Important Notice

1. Register first to join MMOCart.COM Affiliate & Sponsorship.

2. We will pay you next Monday after you applying commission.

3. We pay your commission mainly through PayPal.

4. If you need game Gold coins instead of money, we can convert your commission into game Gold coins based on the current market price.

5. Commissions will be counted on Completed Orders only! Charge Back or refunded (very low rates) orders won’t be counted.

6. Please Don't post your code in Official Social Media.

7. The percentage (begin with 2%) of code will raise as your up sales.

8. reserves the right of the final Interpretation.